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5-Bromo-N,” N-dimethyltryptamine additionally understood as 5-BR-DMT or even 5-Bromo-DMT can be just actually an ordinarily occurring psychedelic seen from the sponges Smenospongia aurea along with Smenospongia echina, in addition to Verongula rigida. Most likely the same earliest psychedelic chemicals of maritime source! Smenospongia aurea, along with Smenospongia echina, are sea turtles located in the Caribbean.

5-BR-DMT can be just really a somewhat brand fresh, exceptionally infrequent, and intriguing substance in your tryptamine group. A 5-bromine variation of DMT comprises psychedelic chemicals utilized in most crops and creatures. Shulgin, by now cites in TIHKAL the marine sponge species Virongula Rigida would contain 5-Br-DMT and 5,6-DiBr-DMT earlier being researched by way of a pseudonymous tryptamine chemist referred to as “DR. Osculus.”

For more than ten years (as well as for much more ), investigate chemists are inventing approaches to isolate and isolate the ideal chemical 5-Br-DMT in your seeds of poriferan psychedelics like the Caribbean indigenous S. Aurea.

Sea D-MT, referred to as the very first psychedelic medication of sea source, can be intriguing research for research workers also can be now still, of course, additionally offered in Mrbreakingbad!


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You can buy 5-BR-DMT research compounds from us you get the maximal excellent powder variant. Our 5-BR-DMT come in 0,25gr, 0,5gr, 1gr, and 2gr packages. Be sure to put away the 5-BR-DMT powder at a cool and dry location for the greatest shelf-life. When tackling search compounds, ensure to choose the appropriate precautions from the lab, such as wiping surfaces and sporting gloves, a protective & mask outfits.


5-BR-DMT is formally called¬† even 5-Bromo-DMT, it’s just actually an ordinarily occurring psychedelic in sea plantations such as as as the Caribbean Smenospongia aurea along with Smenospongia echina, in addition to Verongula rigida. 5 Bromo DMT can be just really a somewhat brand fresh, exceptionally infrequent, and intriguing substance in the tryptamine group.

Chemistry, History, Facts

5-Bromo-DMT can be just a brominated indole alkaloid along with also a 5-bromine variant of DMT, a psychedelic seen in most crops and creatures. 5-Bromo-DMT features a pEC50 significance of 5.51 for its 5-HT2A receptor. Research workers with 5-Bromo-DMT suggested it signals antidepressant and sedative activity and also a decrease in locomotor exercise.

Smenospongia echina can be just actually a kind of sea sponge in the category Demospongiae. The species’ scientific title was first premiered in 1934 from Max Walker p Laubenfels, as Polyfibrospongia echina.

The chemical under consideration is 5-Bromo-DMT and also has now been still a more brominated indole alkaloid seen in sea fishes, for example, S. aurea. 5-BR-DMT is similar to dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and it’s called a Tryptamine.

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